4 Exciting Activities to Do with the Little Ones This Summer


With summer only being a few short weeks ahead, planning for a fun getaway with your family is ideal. After all, this allows you to keep your kids entertained all summer long. With more studies pointing out the negative effects of too much screen time proliferating all over the web, going to Subic Bay and enjoy the great outdoors might just be the best way you can keep your children active and happy through their summer vacation. Not only can these provide essential childhood memories and activities intact, but these experiences will also be ones they can remember forever.

If you have been looking for something different to do during summertime, below are some activities that are perfect for all the ages.

Interact with Marine Wildlife

For those who live in the city, getting your children to interact and even see magnificent marine animals can be pretty challenging. By visiting Ocean Adventure, not only can your kids see a bountiful and colourful assortment of fishes and other aquatic animals, but your children will also be given the chance to interact with some of the stars of the place.

Aside from shaking hands and being kissed by a sea lion, your broods will also get the chance to swim with dolphins! And since Ocean Adventure is right beside Camayan Beach Resort, you might as well check in and enjoy the beach right after. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Jump Away on Inflatable Slide

If your offspring have always been fascinated by big bouncy houses, going to Inflatable Island will wow them even more. Equipped with sports-themed and unicorn-themed inflatable houses, children and children at heart will surely have fun trying out all the obstacles and pathways of this place. Dubbed as the biggest floating playground, with coverage as big as 8 basketball courts, everyone in your party can enjoy endless hours of jumping and lounging around.

Go on a Trek

Should you want to take the road less travelled and seek the not so beaten path, going in a trek at Pamulaklakin Forest Trail just might be the one you are looking for. Going to this location is a treat, especially with numerous trails abounding in the forest. By going on this hike, you will get to know the various kinds of plants and trees native to the area. Think of this trip as a mini survival guide. Who knows, at one point in your life, you might just find these pieces of information useful than you think.

Cool Off with Water Activities

Going to the beach is one of the easiest ways to beat the summer heat. For an afternoon of fun, why not head on to a Subic resort of your choice? Here, you and your kids can try your hand at the various water activities available. From paddle boarding, kayaking and even driving the Jet Ski, you will have unlimited options to satisfy everyone in your party.

Take your kids out for something different for summer, head to Subic now! Just 3 hours away from Metro Manila, these activities will certainly make their vacation a summer to remember.

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