My Dream destination


I, Jonas, a single male always wanted to travel to my dream destination Paris. I wanted the trip to be fun and memorable, so wanted to have a trip along with my friends.

But, when I approached a few of them, I found that everyone was busy with their works and denied to join me on the trip. But, I didn’t wanted to travel solo either. Then, one fine morning, I discovered about Elastic It was suggested to me by one of my closest friends who had already used the platform for traveling to her dream destinations.

I wanted to give it a try and had gone through the site. To my surprise, I found out that there are other few people near me who share similar thoughts of mine. I was astonished to know that each member is verified after a thorough screening to ensure safer and secure shared travel experience.

I contacted two people Laura and Jessy, met them face-to-face at a coffee shop, liked each other’s interests and eventually thought of sharing our journey together. Without delaying any further, we planned our holiday within a week. We have planned our itinerary, travel essentials to pack and other requirements.

We booked our tickets to Paris, Charters, Reims and Rouen. We explored the cities and even added exciting destinations like Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe and iconic Eiffel Tower within our Itinerary. The city was indeed very beautiful and worth the visit. I even shared my journey log through Elastic Trip, with my family and friends to help them view and track locations I have visited.

These wonderful travel partners have matched up to my expectations and we three blended perfectly well. Together, we three made enchanting experiences come true. I also had an opportunity of making lifelong friends in the process.

Now that I have met my trustworthy travel buddies to match my interest and dreams, I want to make my future travels even more enjoyable by opting ElasticTrip. It not only helps my travel dreams come together but also promise authentic and unique journeys each time.

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