Sri Lanka is one of the most famous countries in the world when it comes to travel and especially when we talk about the wildlife. Sri Lanka is best place to travel to see the natural wildlife. Places to travel in Sri Lanka and to see the natural wildlife there are 6 famous national parks in the country.

These parks have abundance of the wildlife animals including Leopards, Giants Like Elephant and very dangerous and infect beautiful Crocodiles.

From Yala National Park to Udawalawe National Park

To enhance Sri Lanka travel and tourism, the respect for the natural climates and environment is in the national value of people living in Sri Lanka. The history of Sri Lanka travel and tourism is as old as the Buddhist kings, these kings put special emphasis on protection of natural places and reserves like Udawattekele Sanctuary situated in Kandy and Sinharaja rainforest relation with the centuries can be found when they were treated as royal reserves.

Sri Lanka is natural place of tourism and travel as it is an island surrounded by sea. Large areas of this island named as Sri Lanka are protected by the Government as the National reserves and parks that shows their traditional Buddhism concerns for all the parts of life and also plays a vital role in safeguarding the places to visit means tourism places in Sri Lanka. Following is detail of these places to visit in Sri Lanka to get wildlife exposure

YALA national park

This is one of the famous parks of Sri Lanka traveling places or places to visit in Sri Lanka. In total Sri Lanka have 22 national Parks. Yala National Park covers a vast area of country side of the specific island situated beyond Tissamaharama. The most of the area of this park is set closed to the visitors but despite of this the area that is open have the most beautiful and varied wildlife in the Sri Lanka. This is one of the most amazing places to visit in Sri Lanka. The variety of the wildlife include an impressive population of the Elephants, sloth bears and also accompanied by the worth watching birds and most importantly the beautiful leopards. This is also the fact are they cannot be easily spot to watch them you have to spend atime in the park.

Horton Plains

Among the places to visit in Sri Lanka, the best known in term of beauty is Horton plains National Park. The wildlife is very little in this park as compared to other national parts in Srilanka. This national parkis well known for spotting the montane bird species. The main attraction there is the natural sceneries best one in Sri Lanka. The misty moorlands, wild and surrounded by the beautiful cloud forest .The breathtaking views of the south range of the hill country that makes the fall sheer best part of about 5 kilometer to plains.

Udawalawe National Park

This park is situated in the inlands from Bundala and the area is widespread across the dry plains of the south foots of the famous hill country. This Udawalawe national park is renowned as one of the best places to spot the elephant during Sri Lanka travel and tour. The most of the parks area is covered in the light and very little area is covered with forest. The park is also the home of the monkeys, Leopards, Crocodiles, Sloth bears, and squirrels surrounded by the population of magnificent pray bird.

Minneriya national Park

This national park in the Sri Lanka is especially renowned as the meeting place of thousands of elephants. In month of September and august,there is large meeting of the elephants also known as the largest meeting of the elephants in the world and large number to wildlife photographer came here to catch the moment.

KANDURA national Parks

This national park of the Sri Lanka is located at 200 kilometers from Colombo and in year 2004 to 2005, 10,000 people visited this place that also reveals the attraction of this Park. It supports a variety of mammals and plant life.

Other places to travel in Sri Lanka

In addition to the above-mentioned places, some other places that are worth watching in Sri Lanka include the plenty of the dotted places that are just around the islands like on just the east of the Udawalawe park we have Sinha raja , a place that contains a typical rainforest that goes along the southern boundaries of the hill city.This location is more famous for the bird watching and it is the home of the rare bird called endemics. Kalametiya on the other hand is located on the southern coast in the hills of Nuwara eliya is also known as top birding destinations of Sri Lanka.

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